Standard Library: Short Tour

This is a brief overview over the standard library Phobos, so you have an idea what is available.


Basic algorithms like those in the standard template library of C++ are found in std.algorithm. For example, sort, find, and map. Then there is std.functional with curry, memoize and other helpers for functional programming. Useful helper functions like split for the builtin arrays can be found in std.array.

File Formats

The standard library contains the tools to handle various formats like JSON, XML, CSV, Zip, Base64. Especially, for XML you might want to check out Tango’s XML parser or look for bindings to your favorite C XML library.

Dates, Times and Durations

Basically, everything related to time is in std.datetime: Dates, times, intervals, differences, parsing and formatting dates, even measuring and benchmarking.


For the basics, there is with bindings to the venerable libcurl.