Dub seems to be the primary candidate for a canonical package manager. It requires a simple JSON document package.json describing the project and expects a certain structure.

  • source code is in the source or src subdirectory
  • main is in app.d or <package name>.d
  • string imports are in the views subdirectory

The main code repository is hosted on This is D’s not quite official equivalent to CPAN, PyPI, RubyGems, NPM, etc. There you can also find downloads.

Dub Example

For a usage example, let us look at DDox, a nice documentation generator, which is a little bit more sophisticated than the builtin version. Assuming you have dub installed, this is how you can get ddox.

git clone
cd ddox
dub build

After getting the source from Github, the dub build command fetches all Dub dependencies (vibe.d, libevent, libev, openssl) and builds the application. However, on Linux the lib* Dub packages only contain the bindings, this means it assumes the libraries are installed on the system, otherwise you will get linker errors.